“But I Don’t Need Therapy!”

Who does?  Well, maybe a small number of us truly need to be in the therapeutic process, maybe for the safety of self and/or others.  Many times, though, individuals walk through their therapist’s door to find themselves sitting face to face with the thought, “Why am I here?”  This is actually an important question that should take place, not only at the beginning of the therapeutic journey, but many times along the way.  Failing to consider this question often results in the patient not being able to convey their pain nor their goals to the therapist in a workable way.  This can lead to the patient feeling like the therapist doesn’t understand him or her, that this endeavor was a big waste of effort, and perhaps to not return another time.

Sit with yourself and concentrate on identifying the origin of your discomfort and discontent.  From where is it coming?  From that exploration, you should find it easier to devise goals that are meaningful and worth the effort to you.  This will provide your therapist with the necessary tool to help guide you in your healing…and make it worth it for you to return another time.



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