Change-Not Comfortable but Not Feared


Ever wonder why change in your life brings with it such discomfort, even if it is change for the better?  It is a frustrating situation to find one’s self, knowing it is good but feeling it is bad.  This often results in our avoiding or even refusing to make changes in our lives that can improve so much for us.  Often, the uncomfortable feeling that accompanies change is that of anxiety.  Your heart pounds, palms sweat, thoughts race, and breathing becomes a chore.  These sensations are unpleasant at best, distressing and paralyzing at worst.

One strategy that can help alleviate change-based anxiety is to utilize positive future imagery.  When thinking about change leads to racing pulse, labored breathing, and feeling unsteady try projecting your thoughts to the future achievements and accomplishment that will result from your following through with the needed change in your life.  Change will take on a positive new meaning…meaning change is nothing to fear.