Realities of Resiliance


If nothing else, we humans are amazingly resilient.  We have all heard stories of survival of the most amazing physical order.  People who have made it though the night in blizzards with nothing more than a small fire and the clothes on their back.  Or have been in horrific auto accidents that certainly should have ended their lives…and instead walked away with nary a scratch.  This resilience can be applied just as appropriately to the psyche and the emotional mind.

Less than 20% of those who have experience an event that can be considered traumatic actually go on to develop symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS/PTSD).  This is a far cry from the common belief that traumatic event=traumatic symptoms.  There are pre-existing conditions that could result in the development of symptoms of PTS.  The age of the trauma, as childhood experiences tend to be more likely to bring forth symptoms.  Multiple events, such as abuse over weeks, months, or years also leave the individual vulnerable.  Traumatic events that were intentional in nature, such as abuse, crime, and terrorism are events that have a higher incidence of symptom development in individuals.

The good news is that there are more available treatments for those with post-trauma symptoms than ever.  They are more creative and more “out of the box” as well.  Treatment professionals understand and have embraced the importance of empathy in the therapeutic process…and it shows.  Everything from Cognitive Behavioral to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Dr. John Arden’s brain and memory rewiring, often used by this therapist, are among those available modalities.

If you are currently struggling with your own past trauma and the symptoms that may have resulted, please reach out for help and guidance in your healing.  When you are ready.  You owe it to yourself to find that peace.



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