What’s Your Favorite Program(ing)?



More than computers? You bet we are! Yet, we are still driven to perceive, think, and act by our programming. I’m going to borrow a bit from John Lilly, the meta-physically thinking neuroscientist and psychoanalyst who gave human kind the gift of the ‘sensory depravation tank’ or ‘float tank’, and John Worthington, who brilliantly re-framed many of Lilly’s concepts in his soul-shifting book, “The Office of Shaman.”


The concept of being programmed may conjure images of science fiction or mind control. Instead, programming consists of our individual collections of experiences, perceptions, and ‘lessons’ that occur in every individual’s lifetime. As a child, we learn that touching the stove hurts…a great deal. Therefore, our programming includes very sensible data-points: stoves are hot, hot hurts, don’t touch stove, don’t touch ‘hot’. This is a program you want to keep around, as it is rather a good thing to remember to ‘not touch hot’.


Programming exists throughout our psychology. Early in life, some of us may have been programmed that we work hard for what we want then enjoy the fruits of our labor. Again, this is one you may want to maintain as it helps with healthy production. Yet, some of our programing may be standing in the way of our happiness and well-being. If you have been programed to believe you are the “black sheep” of the family, you will most likely spend a fair amount of emotional energy trying to uphold this. You will make poor choices, get in lots of trouble, and create havoc wherever you go. All in the name of validating your programming.


Now, imagine if you were able to change that programming to include one that facilitates healthy self esteem rather than poor self image, positive progress versus self destruction. The wonderful thing about being a human being is that…we can do just that.  We don’t have to wait for the tech guy (person) to show up to do it for us. Insight, a desire for change, the tools to do so, and the vision on where we want to be make such a transformation very possible. As a therapist, it has been an honor to help guide individuals in re-writing their programming from negative and detrimental to uplifting and constructive. I then get to watch them walk out the door seeing the world as a peaceful and hopeful place…


…I have been programed to take great joy in seeing such amazing transformations. And this is a personal programming I have no desire to re-write.






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