My Tribe: “I Would Tell People to Wake Up.”

2014-10-15 16.22.53

Lee Patrick Jula certainly never expected to be accosted on a rainy October day for an impromptu interview. Yet, by sitting in the same coffee shop (Northern Lights) on the same afternoon, he became a part of my tribe with a story to tell. An enlightened and enlightening individual, it proved a fascinating conversation

In what city were you born?

“Hanover, Pennsylvania.”

What is your birth month and why do you think it is?

“August. I think it’s perfect in a sense. I was born on the 23rd and there has been some confusion about that because I can either be Leo or I can be Virgo. I’ve had people say I’m on the cusp. I feel like I am a lion with virtue. I feel like I was born at that time because it goes with who I am.”

What is fun/interesting about your family of origin?

“Actually, great grandfather worked with the coal miners in the area and he developed the money bags that are used to this day. He also developed the aprons that are used by the coal miners. Because he was a humble man, he only made enough money off of these to take care of his family.”

What’s something you’ve learned that you had fun learning?

“In general I have fun learning so I have trouble picking just one thing. If I had to pick just one thing, it would have to do with technology, computers. I’ve learned how to build a PC on my own. In general, I love learning about technology because I use it to produce my music.”

What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

“Sleep. Relax and enjoy it. Or go for a drive if it is a spring day.”

What keeps you up at night?

“My body might be exhausted but my mind never wants to rest. My mind always wants to be thinking and analyzing. I actually feel that I operate better on less sleep and am more creative with less sleep.”

What is the first thing that comes to mind when your hear the world ‘beautiful’?

“Beauty fades over time. In a sense, beauty can be a deception, an illusion. The way people view beauty in general, particularly in the west, is in a very non-productive manner. A lot of narcissim.”

What is your special gift?

“I’m not sure I’ve found it yet. Perhaps my intuition. Helping people is a strong passion in my life.”

If there was one thing you could tell the world…?

“Wake up. People are generally walking around in a dream state. People are not always striving to be conscious.”

What is your passion in life?


What do you do to facilitate that every day?

“Not enough. I’m rebuilding myself and being harsher with self-discipline to get to where I need to be.”

This is a question from the previous interview. What decision have you made as an adult that you never thought you’d make?

“I never thought I’d get to the point of securing my life, my future. They are scary decisions, to think about having to be stabilized as I go into old age.”

What question would you want to ask the next person I interview?

“What have they done for themselves that would also be a benefit to do for others? If you can not help yourself, how can you help another person?”


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