“Holidays are hard.”


That is an exact quote.  It was spoken by an individual who is working with me in healing from past trauma and the subsequent depression that had resulted.  And, let’s face it, this time of year is never easier for anyone.  Decorating, parties, shopping, writing cards, cooking…we get the picture.  But, for some people these kinds of stressors would actually be a welcome relief.  Often times, those who have experienced trauma find the bad times feel worse and the good times feel…scary.  The “other shoe to drop” mode of emotional survival can turn the holidays into a veritable hell.  Seeing how good things can be is often a painful reminder of how bad things had been…and how bad things might be in the future.

One key to both unlocking the much deserved peace of the season as well as locking away the negative memories and subsequent fears is in present mindfulness.  The abuse suffered as a 9-year-old child at the hands of his father will never again be a possibility.  After all, he will never be nine years old again.   Likewise, the possibility of financial difficulty due to a pending lay off may never occur or may not be as serious as expected.  We can not affect our past and the same holds for much of our future.  Yet our past and future affect so much of what is happening to us at this very moment.  Why not let the moment speak for itself?  Take in what your senses can:  smells, tastes, touch.  What are you seeing and what are you hearing.  Build up that moment around you and live there and only there.  When an instant of peace comes to us, give it its due and your attention.

After all, that peace came to you for a reason and it wasn’t to be ignored.

Namaste and Happy Holidays.

*Credit for the photo goes to 3milliondogs.com



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