Remembering One…Supporting Many


Domestic violence is a crime that takes a devastating toll on so much and so many. The victims, families, friends, and society are all wounded by such cowardly and vicious acts. This is why it is so important to proactively support, educate, and protect those affected by DV in the present while always remembering those whose faces remind us of why it IS so important to treat DV like the horror that it is.

Kathleen Cavanaugh, taken from the world by domestic violence in January 2014, will be remembered by family, friends and her larger community on Sunday September 20th. Kathleen’s Crusade “Taking it to the Streets” will be held at Pat McMullen’s in Scranton from 3pm to 7pm. All proceeds go the The Women’s Resource Center to help in their support of those affected by domestic violence.

This event will be a wonderful opportunity to stand with your community in the face of such senseless violence as well as providing support to such an important cause.

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Come stand together so that no one will have to stand alone.