“You’re Grounded!”


(Like an overfed, well-fattened bear, this site is finally emerging from its dormancy. Well, don’t we all look for a little rest after the fall harvest?)

Now that the spring has finally arrived, hopefully to stay for a while, this can be a great time to get yourself grounded. Unlike the well-known punishment loved by parents and loathed by teens, being grounded is a peace-bringing and liberating event.

Being grounded means being present, in the here and now, and in touch with what is around-and inside-of you. In turn, being present means being in a place of increased control. From there, anxiety is decreased while happiness in the moment is increased. Makes a lot of sense when you consider there is no power over the past and future…only over the present.

What are some springtime things you can do to ‘get grounded’:

  • Barefoot as much as (safely) possible. The less there is between you and the earth, the closer you feel to this amazing, spinning ball we call home. Performing creative activities while barefoot can work to connect you to your craft. Examples of this might be painting, writing, music, cooking, gardening, sewing, crafting, on and on.
  • Go to green. Being a part of the growing cycle that starts this time of year is very connecting and grounding. Plant that garden of which you’ve been dreaming and, for the love of deity, don’t sweat the outcome. It’s the journey here that is the end goal. ‘Adopt’ a plant or flower that might be meaningful. If you’ve experienced negativity during your tour in the deserts of Iraq, nurture a cactus (We are working in symbolism here, folks.  Cactus may not have been present in Iraq but it’s the first thing many people think of when they hear ‘desert’). And don’t be afraid to get dirty. Children are intuitively aware of the magic that comes from getting up to their elbows (and knees) in the earth.
  • Notice daily, or several times daily, the changes in the natural world around you. Keep a photo log of the unfurling of the leaves on the tree outside your house. Take time to notice how much that tomato plant grows day-to-day. It’s amazing how much change happens right before our eyes that we never notice. When we don’t, nature can appear like two lone snapshots in time…before and after. But it is what happens in between that is the real journey.
  • Animals.  Check ‘em out! They are the gurus of present mindedness. Therefore, they are in tune with the changes in the weather, growth of vegetation, migration patterns, food sources, etc. And never mind baby animals! Is there a more enchanting means of watching growth day-to-day?

So, exit your winter hibernation to a world you watch and know.




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