Downward-facing Dog, Y’all!


I had the wonderful experience of attending and participating as a lecturer at the 2nd Annual NEPA Yoga Fest 2016 on Montage Mountain on June 4th. The opportunity to provide guidance and information about a topic near and dear to me was, in a word, joyful. Mindfulness and meditation are excellent tools to pick up along the path of moving through and past anxiety and trauma in life. The present can be a great place to be, a safe place to be…the place to be. Mindfulness shifts us from our fears and helps us focus on what can be good and great right now. June 4th, I was present and focused on being with like-minded people to share and connect. The goal being health, happiness, peace, and community. Such a wonderful place to be therefor, in that moment, why would I want to be anywhere else. Of course, the sight of the multitude of yogis and yoginis practicing on the brightly colored ocean of yoga mats was awe-inspiring in itself. And, as I discovered, a very special place to practice mindful meditation that involves the senses. “Five things you can see, four things you can hear…” Simply beautiful.

Thank you to Garry Melville for asking me along on this journey. Let’s make this only our first step together. Also, Chelsea Manganaro and the rest of the hard working who created a wonderful event.