The Importance of Being in the Moment

Future thinking and past reflection certainly has its place in the process of self-betterment as well as moving forward in life.  We learn from what has happened to us, what we have experienced in our lives while looking to apply these lessons to our forward thinking goals.  However, there also exists a tendency to not reflect on where we are standing at this very moment.  And so much is lost when we neglect our current environment and what it can bring us.  People who are able to appreciate the present for the lessons and guidance that it carries are often able to be more at peace with painful experiences of the past while preventing themselves from becoming overwhelmed with all that may be coming down the future roads.  Being in the moment means a sense of being grounded and secure.  Take in what is surrounding you right now…the chair you are in, the light coming through the window in front of you, even the very breath in and out of your body.  Becoming aware of such simple things in the moment provides a temporary place of fewer distractions and deeper thinking.  Great contemplation can result from such a simple meditative process.  By giving your place in the present its just due, you facilitate the path between the lessons of the past and opportunities of the future in a way that will make being in the moment a place you will strive to be.



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